At this point, the lead-up to Justin Bieber’s Purpose album release (out Nov. 13) has become at least as much about Biebs’ public interactions with fans as the actual music. And we’ve heard a good deal of the music — first with “Where Are U Now,” then “What Do You Mean,” then “Sorry” and “I’ll Show You” — but we’ve also seen some things in the past few weeks that aren’t really about the music at all.

A week ago, he apparently stormed offstage in Norway and refused to play the rest of his show. And earlier this week, a video of Justin instructing his fans on how to clap during an acoustic performance got some traction, too. Saturday’s vid fits right alongside the rest.

In a quick paparazzi clip, Justin is seen exiting a table at a restaurant in Cannes, France and flipping a chair over as he leaves. The speculation began immediately, with reporting Justin “stormed off to get away from his fans.”

What can very easily be called (and was called) “yet another tantrum” could also be called a dude having a bad day. A pop star exhausted by travel and constant press appearances. A 21-year-old perhaps slightly annoyed by some bad news he just received. That’s what Justin said, anyway.

@PerezHilton lol. No one is flipping out dude. My buddy had just told me some bad personal news. Don't lie please.

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Posted by Azania Monday, November 9, 2015 7:27:00 AM


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