Dancehall singjay Shenseea is more than happy to be alive, finally breaking her silence after sustaining minor injuries in a car accident on Friday. Fans have been waiting for an update since her manager Romeich Major gave a quick rundown of the incident via his Instagram page, and the songstress who he called a “dragon” showed off her resilience once again. She hopped on IG Live to detail the circumstances as well as her injuries, filling in the blanks for those who were worried about their favorite female emcee.

Sharing that her right wrist was sprained and that her back and chest are sore from the impact of the airbags, Shenseea walked us through the crash that occurred in a Kingston parking lot in her 2019 BMW X6. Explaining what went down as she attempted to reverse park the SUV, the artist said, “I was in the parking lot, so me ah drive and me go fi go park now, do di reverse parking. So is like when me swing out now is like a water bottle go under, like it drop somewhere near desso….. a full one too enuh go underneath my brake and jam between under me brake and pon meh gas,” she began.


“So when me ah go fi ketch brake now, ready fi wrap up and hold brake fi go inna reverse parking mi ah notice seh di engine ah rev out and a brake mi deh pon! All di brake mi ah press enuh man, ah gas ah rev out enuh because di bottle stop mi brake so di more brake mi ah press ah di more gas ah come out. When mi look, by di time mi look dung, mi done crash already. So, it guh straight up inna a wall bredda, she said laughing at herself.

She then explained how her wrist got sprained which prevented her from replying to the many concerned messages she received. “Di amount ah message mi did get but mi hand, ah now it start feel likkle betta because mi couldn’t text wid mi hand, mi right hand kinda f*** up. When di air bag dem fly, it slap back my hand and den di jerk wah mi get, mi seat go move an di seatbelt grip me an fling me back.”

For all she’s been through recently, she appeared to be in considerably high spirits and was generally hopeful about her recovery. 

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Posted by Azania Tuesday, August 11, 2020 7:07:00 AM