Sean Paul and Busy Signal seem to be collaborating more now since their last collaboration. In a live video with Fat Joe, Sean Paul was speaking to fat Joe when the latter said he admired Sean Paul collaborating with Busy Signal.

It was long before Sean Paul said “he’s right here,” and Busy Signal pops into the frame, and then the two men do an impromptu performance of their latest song, “Boom,” which features on Sean Paul’s newest album “Live n Livin.” The album is hailed as a re-invention of hardcore dancehall from the 2000s.

According to Fat Joe, he is impressed by Sean Paul collaborating with Busy Signal.

“You know Sean Paul you lightskinned, you nice guy, you make big commercial tunes, some might think you not the real deal. I know different. You put out a new project and immediately say you rock with the Don Gargon Buju Banton, but that’s too easy. Where I’m really impressed is you rock with Busy Signal,” Fat Joe says.

“He’s right outside, I can bring him inside,” Sean Paul says. “You the best in the game,” Fat Joe says as he asks Busy Signal to sing part of the song for his fans on the live video.

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Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Monday, March 29, 2021 8:18:00 AM