Robin Thicke is back. “Back Together” features a verse from rap queen Nicki Minaj, who uses Hillary Clinton’s name for some excellent wordplay. Produced by hitmaker Max Martin, it’s a catchy, disco-inspired track and has Thicke singing lines like, “I want to live between your legs.”

“Back Together” is the second collaboration between Thicke and Minaj; the two previously worked together on “Shakin It 4 Daddy,” which appeared on his 2009 album, Sex Therapy: The Experience.

Thicke tweeted the track out late Wednesday night, simultaneously promoting his work and shutting down rumors that he was engaged to girlfriend April Love Geary. His eighth album, “Morning Sun,” is due out this year, and its title track debuted in June.

Posted by Latoya Thursday, August 6, 2015 9:52:00 AM


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