The Beat 104


THE BEAT STANDARD SHOP AND SET SAIL is giving you and a guest a chance to have an unforgettable holiday on a Carnival Cruise.
Enter in 3 easy steps:

1. Shop at any of our participating partners and keep your receipts

- Spend $100.00 or over at Standard Wildey or Standard Norman Centre
- Spend $25.00 & over to enter at any of the two Deanna Dash’s Toy Shop locations
- Spend $25.00 & over at any of the Dome Mall  stores

2. Tune in to The Beat 104.1FM

- Keep listening and when you hear the ship horn, write down the date and time you heard our buying tip.

3. Enter the competition

- Write your name, contact information and the date and time you heard the buying tip, then drop your entries in the boxes provided at Standard, Deanna Dash’s Toy Shop, The Dome Mall and Starcom Network.
All you need to do now is pack your bags!
Entries close Friday, September 15th with the draw on September 19th.
Make sure to have a valid US visa for travel from September 29th to October 6th.
The Beat Standard Shop and Set Sail is brought to you by:
- Standard! –  Where Quality is a lifestyle.
- Deanna Dash's Toy Shop –  We're where it's at for FUN this Summer & VALUE at Back-to-School time!
- The Dome Mall – We have something for everyone
- The Beat 104.1 FM – Where FM means your favourite music