Offset is exposing Cardi B for capping in her lyrics.

These days with rappers who “do anything for clout,” as Cardi B and Offset would say, it’s hard to imagine that there is anyone not lying in their music. When artists put pen to paper or even if they go off the top, the generic subject matters always seem to conjure up, and let’s face it, most of us don’t have sports cars, hundreds of bands, nor a single magazine for our fictitious firearms. So as they say, somebody lying!

It turns out not even the top rappers in the industry are exempt from the practice of embellishing a little when composing. Cardi B, for example, said in her recent hit “WAP,” that she neither cooks nor cleans, but she still got the ring. Her husband Offset is setting the record straight on that as he shared a video of Cardi contradicting her very own words. “LIAR,” Offset captioned a video on Instagram of Cardi sweeping their bathroom.

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Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Tuesday, November 3, 2020 9:18:00 AM


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