NBA YoungBoy appears to call out Saweetie while suggesting that Quavo is acting tough when he is really hurting over their breakup.

The drama following the recent breakup of Quavo and Saweetie can now be compared to a traveling circus ring. It has made its way from the couple themselves, to their bevy of fans, all the way to Quavo’s sister and Saweetie’s aunt, who were squabbling online today. Other entertainers such as 50 Cent have also been weighing in, as he stated, “B**ch! you went where, and said what to who? oh no you gotta go call you a Uber. LOL,” simultaneously posting a photo of the Migos rapper.

Earlier tonight, rapper NBA YoungBoy also decided to share his two cents on the matter. In the video posted on Theshaderoom, YoungBoy can be seen rolling a blunt while mocking what took place between one of the most loved young couples in the industry.

“These h*es ain’t sh*t. These h*es ain’t sh*t. Shawty told slime take care,” YoungBoy said as he laughed boisterously. He further chided Quavo saying, “Boy he tryna play tough like he crazy. Boy.”


Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Monday, March 22, 2021 7:34:00 AM