You've gotten so used to seeing Jamie Foxx as a huge movie star, you probably forgot he started out as a comic. That's right, before Foxx was entertaining millions of people on the big and small screen - he was cracking jokes in front of live audiences. And even after all these years, he's still got that funny energy.

But even though the blue windbreaker may have gone out of style, one thing that has stood the test of time are Jamie's jokes. After all, jokes about good - and bad - sex never get old, especially with a hilarious dude like this on the mic. But while the point of any good joke is to make people laugh, every GREAT joke also comes with a little lesson.

Sure, you may be thinking you know everything there is to know about sex. But even the most seasoned strokers could learn a thing or two about how to step their game up - and Mr. Foxx is about to lay it down (no pun intended) once and for all.

Get out your note pads and pencils and take a look at the video to watch this classic clip from one of Jamie Foxx's early 90s stand up comedy sets. Do you think he had good advice?

Posted by Latoya Thursday, August 27, 2015 9:26:00 AM


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