Ja Rule is never not working. Since screaming “Holla, Holla” in 1999, the Queens rapper who dressed like a young Tupac has since come into his own, leaving the bandanas, white muscle tanks and XL jeans in the past.

With the house Irv Gotti built, formerly known as Murder Inc., the street storyteller -- real name Jeffrey Atkins -- has not only learned the rules of the rap game, he’s created his own. Fans since his debut Venni Vetti Vecci have witnessed Rule go from rap star to actor (see: Fast & The Furious) and now, reality show personality. MTV’s Follow the Rules has pulled the curtain back on Ja’s family-man duties, revealing a wiser and softer side of the Hollis rep.


Billboard let Ja play psychologist for a therapeutic session focused on family bonding, mending rap beef and the biggest gem Madonna gave him. Spoiler alert: The Queen of Pop's advice is applicable for any workplace.

As viewers have seen on Follow the Rules, you’re navigating fame while trying to be No. 1 dad. What is the biggest challenge about raising kids in the spotlight?

Probably that: raising them in the spotlight. It’s hard enough to raise kids, but then you add all the extra pressures of being a celebrity’s kids and it’s much harder. It takes them a little while longer to figure out who they are because for the most of their lives, they’re labeled as “Ja Rule’s son,” “Ja Rule’s daughter,” and that becomes their identity for a while instead of “Oh that’s Jeff, that’s Jordan, that’s Brittany.” And then as they get older, they choose which way they want to go. My daughter is very adamant on being Brittany and having her own name and people know her as Brittany. My older son kind of grew up being Ja Rule's son and getting all the perks of being Ja Rule's son, so it's all on how they deal with it as they get older.

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Posted by Azania Friday, November 13, 2015 10:09:00 AM


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