Today we got the chance to meet Chum Fm Breakfast in Barbados artists Andee and OneRepublic. Amidst the stunning back drop of Port Ferdinand luxury properties and marina, we got a little taste of what these musicians are all about.

French-Canadian artist Andee has wanted to be a singer ever since she could remember. Her diminuitive stature and shy nature is so contradictory to her strong, bold, soulful voice. - which you can here on two singles currently on Youtube "Sorries" and "Never Gone" With english not being her first language, we still managed to learn a lot about this talented songstress.  She grew up singing in the church and, her parents knew from the age of 7 that her love of music would carry her into adulthood - and eventually stardom

A few years later she competed on a French-Canadian tv show called "Star Academie" what she humorously recalls as a cross between reality shows "Big Brother" and "American Idol." She ended up being one of the top 4 female finalists before being eliminated, but that didn't slow her down. Andee moved straight from TV stardom to focusing on her solo musical career. Her album which hasn't been released yet is sure to be a pop hit! You can see Andee as she joins One Republic for CHUM FM’s Breakfast in Barbados.

You can learn more about Andee at her official website



Posted by Astra Babb Thursday, April 16, 2015 2:49:00 PM


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