Hilary Duff is not impressed with those ignoring the serious nature of the coronavirus outbreak. The 32-year-old actress took to her Instagram Stories on Sunday to share a message to her followers. 
"To all you young millennial a**holes that keep going out and partying, go home, stop killing old people, please," she said in one clip, looking very serious. 
Prior to her message to those going out, she also asked her fans for suggestions for staying in. 
"Guys, what shows to watch right now? We finished Love Is Blind. It was amazing," she said of the popular Netflix reality series. "But what are we going to do? I'm not excited about anything right now. Do we dare watch Game of Thrones again? Maybe. Are we going to be stuck at home that long? Maybe."
Several days before her videos, Duff also shared a message about COVID-19 testing, writing, "These are scary times. We all have to stay calm but be smart. Take the precautions to stay healthy and keep our mothers and fathers and grandparents risk low until this passes. Love to all."
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Posted by Azania Monday, March 16, 2020 11:35:00 AM


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