Tracy's fans everywhere were shocked and grieved to hear that their favorite actor and comedian was in critical condition. They prayed there wouldn't be a funeral. Tracy suffered serious brain injuries that required intensive healthcare. He's commented that, "I have my good days and my bad days when I forget things. There are times when I have the headaches and the nose bleeds."

Tracy has been featured in 28 films and 15 television programs, but he is best known for his work on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock; the latter of the two got him an Emmy nomination. But even though he was in bad shape physically, he always had the motivation of returning to comedy and acting.

From 1996 to 2003, Tracy enjoyed his role as a regular cast member on SNL, but after his accident, he had a long road to recovery. Despite the fact that he's still using a cane, he's ready to rejoin the cast. This will be his first performance since his accident and everyone is excited to have him back.

Tracy lost his longtime friend, James McNair, in the accident, and after experiencing something so tragic, Tracy has expressed concern with how to be funny again. But Tracy's fans have his back, and in the video below, you can see him get emotional when he says, "I can't wait to make them laugh again." Remember to support Tracy Morgan in his comeback to Saturday Night Live on October 17th!

Posted by Latoya Tuesday, August 25, 2015 9:15:00 AM


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