Saweetie says she had PTSD after a radio host called her freestyling “basic” during a critique of her lyrical talent. While Saweetie is very soft on the eyes and has a glowing personality, even someone as strong as her can be affected by criticisms.

During her interview, she revealed that in 2018 a radio host called her freestyle skills “basic,” and she said it affected her confidence to the point that she developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She says that was the beginning of self-doubt. “It was a really dark point in my life,” she said. “I went from being so loved so quickly because of ‘Icy Girl’ to, on my first promo run, well, you saw the interview. The script flipped really quick, like night and day. I had PTSD from that,” she said in an interview for Cosmopolitan’s April cover interview.

According to Saweetie, she was not prepared for the trimmings that came with success, and after ‘Icy Girl’ took off, she was “suddenly thrown into” because of the song’s success. This led to a barrage of media attention, interviews, performances, and appearances as she grew popular. She says everything about her came under scrutiny- her rapping and her dancing.

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Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Wednesday, March 24, 2021 7:18:00 AM