Chris Brown came under fire for a lyrics he sang on his latest album, INDIGO. The words in question can be heard on the song "Need A Stack," where he sings about how he "Only wanna f**k the black b**ches with the nice hair."

After an understandable and expected wave of criticism came his way due, Brown wrote that detractors are “tripping trippin" over the rude lyrics.

"Y’all b**ches don't wanna f*ck da n***a wit da f**ked up teeth do you???" he asked in the comments of a negative post aimed at him. "Only b**ches upset is the uglies (not the black queens)."

The backlash didn't stop there, prompting Brown to try and defend himself again to no avail. He ultimately sent out a response where he stated that people need to leave him alone.

"Weird a** angry people," he wrote in response to a comment about his lyrics on Instagram. "Sincerely, from the bottom of my balls...I DON'T GIVE A F**K BOUT YALL NEGATIVE BOOTYFACE A** B*TCHES...IM START GIVING AWAY FREE LACE-FRONTS FOR ALL YOU WIERD (sic) FEMALES WIT THE SKID ROW EDGES AND LOW SELF ESTEEM. ASIDE FROM THAT...HOP OFF THESE NUTTS.

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Posted by Azania Wednesday, July 3, 2019 7:53:00 AM


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