COVID-19 certainly has created a state of chaos and disarray. While many countries are seeing reduced cases and have been subsequently relaxing their lockdown protocols, the emotional and social impact of this crisis may be experienced for some time to come. Aside from the physical health risks of contracting the COVID-19, many of the clients that I work with in my private practice and in the NHS, as well as friends and family, have described feeling as though they have been on an emotional rollercoaster throughout this time. This may resonate with many of you. One minute, you may be feeling as though you’re coping well and even enjoying the lockdown; the next you may feel anxious and stressed; and then the next, you may feel lethargic and low in mood. The loss of structure, educational/academic input, income and the relative certainties of our usual way of life, will have caused many of us to experience this array of emotions in response to the many changes and uncertainties we have been facing. This has also been supported by early research conducted by Williams et al (2020) so you’re not alone, and you’re certainly not going crazy.

In today’s blog article, I’ll be offering you 5 general, easy to implement, tips aimed at helping you maintain your emotional well-being throughout this period of transition, and to slow that rollercoaster down.

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