Bow Wow is reportedly coming to Jamie Foxx’s defense after the actor and singer was accused of allegedly slapping a woman with his penis during an interaction in 2002. Bow Wow reportedly addressed the alleged victim and other women of the Me Too movement in a video message on Instagram on Thursday (June 14).

In addition to defending Jamie Foxx, the rapper also took a stand for Morgan Freeman, who was accused of sexual misconduct in May 2018. “I was going to let this s**t slide,” Bow Wow said in the video. “After Morgan Freeman, I said ‘get the f**k outta here.’ Now, Jamie…get the f**k outta here.”

He went on to tell women to stop using rich men as “scapegoats” and seek employment instead. “A lot of y’all women need to get up off your moth%f*ckin’ a%# and get a job man. Go get a f**kin’ job,” he demanded. “Stop trying to use celebrities as a scapegoat. Cut that sh*t out. Nobody believe you.”

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Posted by Azania Friday, June 15, 2018 12:29:00 PM


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