Soca superstar, Alison Hinds, is often called the queen of the genre, and with good reason. She has decades worth of hit songs, which date as far back as the early nineties, when she was the lead singer of the band, “Square One”.

Hinds is known for her consistency and her longevity and that's why when she stopped by Fireworks on Voice of Barbados, host Alvin Toppin, felt compelled to ask her about the secret to her international success.

She continues to tour internationally but notes that some aspects of the industry, particularly, promotion, are easier now than when she first started out as an artiste, as a result of social media and other technology. However, Hinds says that some areas remain consistent, such as getting airplay from foreign DJs and having a good manager who can handle negotiations when the time comes.

“It is also good if you can have a competent manager who can deal with these kinds of things. This is somebody who is working for you 24/7 who is not only fielding requests from promoters but is somebody who is actually reaching out and looking for opportunities.”

She will be performing at several venues over the next few months, including in British Columbia and Toronto in Canada. 


Posted by Latoya Wednesday, July 29, 2015 11:19:00 AM


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