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Cardi B Celebrates Settling $30 million Lawsuit With Ex Manager, “Feels Good To Be Free” 

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Tuesday, December 29, 2020 7:54:00 AM

​The Bronx rapper settled the two-year legal battle that saw her ex-manager Klenford Raphael also known as Shaft, suing her for $10 million and Cardi B countersued for $30 million.

He sued her for $10 million in 2018 for breach of contract for ditching their agreement and signing with Quality Control Records. According to Raphael, he discovered the 28-year old superstar, and he was the reason behind her success. However, he said he was then cut from managing the artist, which affected the money he was owed for discovering her.

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Majah Hype Hints He’s Back With Kirby Amid Leaked Photos Of Him In Female Underwear 

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Monday, December 28, 2020 7:27:00 AM

​Majah Hype left fans confused after hinting that he and Latisha Kirby are back together.

Here lies a classic case of love conquering all, as it seems Majah Hype and Latisha Kirby are looking to mend fences and start anew. Could this be the epilogue of the nailbiting drama series Caribbean nationals have been locked into for the last couple of months? It all started after Kirby accused Majah Hype of physically abusing her. This was followed up by the release of a sex tape starring Kirby and another man, a clip which Kirby explained was years before she started to date Majah Hype.

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Dr. Dre Files Prenup Estranged Wife Says He Tore Up Showing Details 

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Thursday, December 24, 2020 9:10:00 AM

Dr. Dre filed his prenuptial agreement in court, the same one his estranged wife Nicole Young says he tore up in front of her.

The divorce proceeding between Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Young is heating up, but it looks like Nicole won’t be able to get what she is hoping to get from a divorce settlement. That’s because Dr. Dre says that a pre-nuptial agreement or a prenup as it is known, clearly outlines what the parties are entitled to.

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Rihanna Pulled Up On Fans At Gas Station In Barbados After Touching Down For Christmas 

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Wednesday, December 23, 2020 7:30:00 AM

Rihanna is back home in Barbados for Christmas, and the island beauty is definitely out and about on the island as she enjoys the warmth of her island home and catching up with friends.

While out, a masked Rihanna greets and hangs out with fans at a gas station. A video showing the encounter shows Rihanna with minimal make-up and a wavy hairstyle with wavy bangs and cute neck jewelry as she laughs with her fans, saying she was just at the random gas station not even buying gas. Rihanna is clearly excited to be home as she squeals “Barbados,” as the fan tells her his Christmas just got made after meeting her.

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Rihanna Plans For 2021 Includes Tons Of New Music & Caribbean Cookbook 

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Tuesday, December 22, 2020 7:43:00 AM

​Rihanna has a ton of new music coming in 2021 and a Caribbean cookbook with some of her favorite recipes.

Fans may finally get a chance to hear Rihanna’s R9 in 2021. She hasn’t confirmed anything as yet, but in a recent interview with Closer, she did say that she aims to work on taking her music to new heights in the new year. She said that she wants “to take my music and my brands to a different level.” Considering she hasn’t spoken much about new music in recent times, it’s at least an indicator that she might give her original career some attention next year.

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Rihanna Ignite IG With Her Flawless Curves In Latest Photo Dump 

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Monday, December 21, 2020 9:28:00 AM

​Rihanna is teasing her fans with a new cherry-print bikini.

Lockdown has not been kind to all, with many putting on weight due to boredom eating and gyms being closed, but Rihanna does not seem to be among them. Not based on the latest photos of her in swimwear that she put on the ‘gram anyway. RiRi made sure she was color-coordinated as she donned a white and red bikini with little cherries, along with a red Chanel bag draped on her shoulder, rose-tinted sunglasses, and red lips to boot. “Phuck a photo dump,” she wrote in tbsp caption.

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Vanessa Bryant Calls Lawsuit From Her Mother “Extortion” 

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Friday, December 18, 2020 9:23:00 AM

Vanessa Bryant is addressing her mother’s shameful lawsuit against her.

The mother-in-law of the late Kobe Bryant recently sued his widow for allegedly kicking her out of their house and taking back the car they gifted her. In September, the month the lawsuit was filed, Vanessa’s mother, Sofia Laine, was wiping back tears in an interview with Univision TV personality Dave Valdez as she detailed the allegations that she was banished from the home and her vehicle seized. Now Vanessa Bryant has finally responded formally in an exclusive statement she issued through Valadez in Spanish.

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The Game Explains Why 50 Cent The Only Rapper He Would Do Verzuz With 

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Thursday, December 17, 2020 9:59:00 AM

The Game breaks down why 50 Cent is the only rapper he would go up against on Verzuz.

In a year where the pandemic brought everything to a stop, many people were thankful to the Vezuz Battles for producing some gems. Veteran New York rapper 50 Cent revealed a little while ago that he would willingly battle The Game in the format if given a chance. It seems the feelings are mutual as The Game has said that the only rapper he would consider facing in a Verzuz is 50 Cent. The Game made the comments while being interviewed on Power 106.

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Cardi B Shares Sexy Lingerie Treat For Offset For His 29th Birthday 

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Tuesday, December 15, 2020 7:14:00 AM

​Cardi B is ensuring that Offset has the best birthday, and the flamboyant Libra is not keeping it a secret how she plans to do so. In her latest post on IG shared a steamy video of what she had in store for her husband. “It’s going down tonight for daddy Bparty !!! “BELLY VIBES” ITS A GANGSTA PARTYYYY,” she wrote.

In a post on Instagram, Cardi B wished her husband of two years a happy birthday, “Happy Birthday hubs, I wish you many more. I wish you more positivity, wisdom, health and for God to continue to keep you with a good heart.”

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Ashanti Contracted COVID-19 Forces Keyshia Cole’s Verzuz To Be Postponed To January 

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Monday, December 14, 2020 8:17:00 AM

​Widely anticipated Verzuz clash between Ashanti and Keyshia Cole had to be canceled after Ashanti said she tested positive for the coronavirus.

The battle was slated for December 12, but at the last minute, the producers pulled the plug and announced a new date in January. The two heavyweight hip hop artists were touted by legendary producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz to be one of the biggest ladies night clash. The official Verzuz account said the show was canceled as the battle would have been in person, and if someone was infected, that would not be a good idea.

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“Friday” Star Tommy Lister Jr. Aka Deebo Is Dead At 62 

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Friday, December 11, 2020 7:19:00 AM

​Deebo is dead, and we just want 2020 to be over.

Tom Lister Jr, the actor who played the famous character, passed away today, December 10. According to TMZ, health care professionals were summoned to the actor’s apartment in Marina Del Rey, California, on Thursday. Sadly, when they arrived, the 62-year-old was already dead. The actor’s cause of death has not yet been released by his family. However, the news of his passing has sent shockwaves through the entertainment fraternity.

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Megan Thee Stallion Can't Believe She's Friends With Beyoncé, But Says Jay-Z Gives the 'Fun' Advice 

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Thursday, December 10, 2020 9:27:00 AM

Megan Thee Stallion is friends with Beyoncé now. And Jay-Z. Yeah, even she can't believe it. On Wednesday night (Dec. 9) the Good News rapper sat down with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show to run down her hot girl year and describe what it feels like to have two of your heroes on speed dial, as well as how she embraced her early COVID-19 weight gain and turned it into a superpower on the single "Body."

"I don't think it really still has even hit me yet," Meg said about all the accolades she's received this year, including four Grammy nominations and being named one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People and GQ's rapper of the year. "But, like, when I talk to my grandma she makes me feel like, 'Wow, Megan, you're really doing a good job!' and I be like, 'You know what? My grandma says I'm doing good, so I must be doing something right!'"

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