Leigh Phillips Talks New Music Video 'Sunrise' 

What's new with Leigh Phillips?

“Close your eyes

Put hurt aside

Stay open to love

Keep smilin’ with the sunrise”

Choose Joy! That is the simple, yet powerful, message Barbadian singer-songwriter Leigh Phillips is sharing through the release of her new music video “Sunrise” – an optimistic and hopeful outlook - the perfect remedy for these uncertain and challenging times.

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Leigh Phillips Talks Music Videos & Recording In Jamaica  

What’s new with Leigh Phillips?
Music Video: Sunrise 
"I am going to be releasing the first visual from my album Queen soon! We shot the music video for Sunrise in February. The visuals were done by Brian Andall of G7 Studio Atelier from Grenada. I was recovering from some spine issues that forced me to take a break from performing when Brian reached out to me on social media. He had seen me on Season 5 of Club One 
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