Lesley Seale Talks Art, Dance & COVID-19 

My name is Lesley Seale and I am a visual artist and also a member of the Multifarious Dance Crew.

What's new with Lesley Seale?

Well, let's start from early this year when I began to work at an establishment where I knew I didn't want to stay because it was a means to an end, a place holder until I could work at the NIFCA Art Exhibition once again. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic arose and quickly halted my plans for the year. Due to some serious complications with the job I made the decision to leave that job and push myself as a creative.


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Robbi Niles Talks "No Limit" & New Music 

What's new with Robbi Niles?

"My new single "No Limit" dropped early March and has already amassed over 26,000 music video views on YouTube and 26,000 streams on Spotify. I've been working hard on new music which is set to drop throughout spring/summer 2020."

What's the story behind "No Limit"?

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Leigh Phillips Talks Music Videos & Recording In Jamaica  

What’s new with Leigh Phillips?
Music Video: Sunrise 
"I am going to be releasing the first visual from my album Queen soon! We shot the music video for Sunrise in February. The visuals were done by Brian Andall of G7 Studio Atelier from Grenada. I was recovering from some spine issues that forced me to take a break from performing when Brian reached out to me on social media. He had seen me on Season 5 of Club One 
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Rhea Layne Talks New Music, The Lockdown & Creativity 

What's new with Rhea Layne?
"Tbh (to be honest) everything kinda on hold thanks to Covid but I'm working on some new music, in studio with Noize Boyz and doing something fun, new and exciting for the next Crop Over season. Also, working on a music video for "De Gem" and working with some local and regional artistes on some Soca music ....no names!"
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Mr. Veejay Talks Song Writing & That Break from Music  

What's new with Mr. Veejay? 

"Many would have noticed that I haven't released any music since my last Chutney Soca single entitled "Twin Brother" in 2018. This was due to some medical procedures in 2019 that put me at a halt from taking part in seasonal activities. I used this time to not only relax but also reflect on my career and improve in certain aspects.

Currently, I've been doing some song writing and 

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Alison Hinds Talks Her First IG LIVE Mini-Concert & COVID-19  

As the world alters to the new landscape of life in lockdowns and self-quarantine as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alison Hinds is taking the show online to share a little musical sunshine during this crisis:

Why did you want to do a mini-concert online?
"So I wanted to do a mini-concert online because I felt that was going to be a good way to at least reach out to the fans and entertain them without it obviously being an issue. I have tons of followers on my social media and so I'm just taking the opportunity to kind of help people while away the time while they're at home. All of us have lots of time on our
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Yannick Hooper Talks Soca Projects & That Afrobeat Collab with DJ Bass from Ghana 

What's New With Yannick Hooper?

"It's been a busy year, I recently collaborated with one of Ghana’s top DJs - DJ Bass on an Afrobeat song titled Company. This is our second time working together, our previous collab a song titled “Answer” was nominated for “DJ ARTIST COLLABORATION OF THE YEAR” in Ghana in 2019. As always I’m working on Soca projects and I’m currently in the studio recording. I’ve been doing a lot of writing. It's my favourite aspect of being an artist and just recently it’s a great way to keep my mind focused and engaged"


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