Mr. Veejay Talks Song Writing & That Break from Music  

What's new with Mr. Veejay? 

"Many would have noticed that I haven't released any music since my last Chutney Soca single entitled "Twin Brother" in 2018. This was due to some medical procedures in 2019 that put me at a halt from taking part in seasonal activities. I used this time to not only relax but also reflect on my career and improve in certain aspects.

Currently, I've been doing some song writing and 

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Alison Hinds Talks Her First IG LIVE Mini-Concert & COVID-19  

As the world alters to the new landscape of life in lockdowns and self-quarantine as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alison Hinds is taking the show online to share a little musical sunshine during this crisis:

Why did you want to do a mini-concert online?
"So I wanted to do a mini-concert online because I felt that was going to be a good way to at least reach out to the fans and entertain them without it obviously being an issue. I have tons of followers on my social media and so I'm just taking the opportunity to kind of help people while away the time while they're at home. All of us have lots of time on our
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Sundown Superhero Talk Their 3rd Studio EP & The Impact of The Coronavirus  

What's new with Sundown Superhero?

 "We've just finished writing our 3rd studio EP which was scheduled to be recorded in May 2020 with our producer from Los Angeles, Jordon Silva. He was planning to fly in to record it, which he did for our 2nd EP (For What It's Worth). We were about to head into the pre-production phase of that, but due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we've had to put that on pause until the regional and international situation blows over. 

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