Coopa Dan Talks What's New & The People's Monarch Crown 

What’s new with Coopa Dan?

“First off I gotta [sic] give kudos to myself for just completing my Bachelor’s degree in Education at Erdiston cus [sic] if you don’t know...I have been a teacher, a primary school teacher for the past 14 years . I currently teach at Milton Lynch Primary, I’m currently a class 4 teacher and I would have just seen off my group in class 4 on the Common Entrance Exam so good luck to them when the results come back but as I was saying I just recently completed my Bachelor’s degree at Erdiston in Education with Upper Second Class Honours so behind Coopa Dan there is a brain on the academic side.

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Posted by Azania Thursday, August 13, 2020 8:00:00 AM Categories: coopa dan