The announcement of this year’s Oscars nominations set it off harder than Latifah and Vivica in that ’96 throwback. We’ve seen the memes. We’ve witnessed the media firestorm that even gave Winter Storm Jonas a shot at falling short of the finish line. We’ve also seen the broken record rhetoric that has plagued the internet in just about every corner of every publication: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are out of touch, vehemently racist, and it needs to change. Now.

But between the lines written in the same-old-song of public outcry, the important pieces behind the wrongdoing in all of this is being vastly overlooked: 1) The lack of diversity in Hollywood studios is the culprit; there won’t be nominations for films that aren’t being made. 2) The “racism doesn’t exist” outlook is real, armed, and dangerous. 3) The Oscars are a joke. And 4) You don’t really care....Read more at VIBE

Posted by Latoya Thursday, February 11, 2016 9:07:00 AM


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