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Migos And Lil Yachty Give Their Opinion On The Top Five Greatest Rappers Of All Time  

The younger generation of rappers oftentimes catch a lot of flack for not living up to the lyrical prowess of the generation prior. Old heads or hip-hop purists who want to “drop gems” and “school” newer... read more

Jamie Foxx Says A Night With Oprah, Quincy Jones, & Sidney Poitier Saved His Life  

Following the mega-success of the 2005 biopic Ray, Jamie Foxx had reached a whole new level of stardom. According to the Academy Award winner however, just as quickly as he skyrocketed to the top, he was on pace to blow his... read more


Producers Say Nikita Not To Blame For Song Controversy  

Crop Over 2017 seems to be one off to a controversial start… this time with two singers, Deevine and Nikita. .. read more



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